Saturday, June 26, 2010

Movie Review

This past week I splurged and went to the movie theater. Last time I went to a movie was probably about a year ago. I chose for my movie the Karate Kid (although in the movie its actually Kung Fu, oh well). As far as the actual movie goes it was not worse, but not really better than the old one. Actually, I enjoyed the old one, so I enjoyed this one too.

No Rest for the Weary

Becasue of inclmate weather and a lack of initiative the weeds got the better of us. Weeds like sin need constant attention or it can get out of control. On top of that, my main weeding implement was broken. I had to clear out most of the weeds with a hoe. A hoe is a very effective tool for weeding. My low-wheel plow is better. A tiller is even better for large areas and you don't have too many plants in the way. My plow can handle my garden and is gentle on the plants, environment and my ears. It is interesting that a well kept garden has a lot of brown as a color. The picture mostly green (to the right) is pre-weeding. The one with the most brown (below) is post-weeding.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Closet Cleaning

Today, Michaela and I cleaned out our closet, Mommy helped us as well.We found some interesting things there. Michaela found an old scrapbook, full to the brim with letters. Mommy found baby calendars and cards. And I also found an old scrapbook embarrassingly sloppy, I was young when I made it. It mainly contained get well notes from when I broke my arm three years ago. Wow! It's already been that long since I broke it! We found more baby stuff. Most of it we are planning to give away. Because of that I was able to put my stuffed animal collection, which was formerly on the floor, at which was a great degradation, in the closet on a shelf. I myself am contented with our work but Michaela now wishes to go through our entire book collection!!!! An enormous job. But I'm sure we can get it done eventually.


It's the most wonderful time of the year

Now that I'm back from CYIA, it is time to enjoy my favorite season of the year: summer! There are several reason I love summer. First of all, it is a wonderful break from school.
Second, we get to garden as a family. Being out in the garden watering, weeding, sweating and picking is a satisfying experience. That tomato soup, sweet potato pie, and fresh corn on the cob tastes different when it's yours. As I instructed my younger sister,"Everything tastes better when you've sweated for it." She was doubtful.
Last but not least are the fun trips we go on as a family. We don't go places every year but they are always memorable. They can include driving over three states, riding in helicoptors(don't ask), visiting family and going to conferences.

Summer here we come!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I hope all you father's had a nice celebration with your families. We had a nice relaxing day of worship, fellowship, and good food for all here at the home front. We also had a nice time visiting with extended family by phone. I know my post is a little behind the others, but watch out the Creers are back! These pictures are just a sample of some of the good food Eddie enjoyed yesterday as well as his Fathers' Day gift of a new straw hat to wear in the garden.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Civil War Trivia

Recently I've been reading about the Civil War. So I decided to share some random facts. One of Robert E. Lee's nicknames was 'King of Spades' because he favored digging entrenchment. The author of Ben-Hur, Lew Wallace, was a Union General. Stonewall Jackson was known to suck on lemons. It's late so I can't think of any more, so I will leave you these facts to ponder.

While They Were Away

I'm just going to share a few highlight of the life of the Creers while Michaela and Joshua were away at CYIA. We are veterans of this experience because this is the fourth year we have been without the two of them.
The week before they left Joshua was not able to get into the garden to weed because of the rains. This continued the first week of CYIA so I wasn't able to get into the garden until the weeds were about knee high on average.

I also put a ceiling fan into the our school room al0ng with an A/C window unit both given to us by the McDaniels as a result of their moving to Kentucky. Now we can call our school room the "cool" room.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Michaela's Special Day or The Girls Only Excursion

Michaela and I both stood on the ladder at The Well bookstore.
Super Silly Agents! (actually we were just trying on sunglasses at a store called Guys&Gals.)

Today,we are celebrating Michaela's birthday even though the actual date was on Saturday. Our family left her a few days of rest&relaxation before we celebrated. We started out on our Girls Only Excursion right after breakfast!(That was the plan but we actually started out after Family Devotions.) We then drove to a thrift store in Lindsborg to drop off some items then we headed for Downtown McPherson. The first stop of our excursion was a christian bookstore called The Well. It was really neat there was a little coffee shop, games, and even one of those sliding ladders that you use to reach high shelves. We stayed there for a while, and Michaela made two purchases a book called Amazing Grace on which the movie is based and a card for our Aunt. We then paraded down the right side of the street looking at stores that caught our fancy. We then stopped and went down the other side of the street. We stopped at the Main Street Deli for lunch we came staggering out.(not!) We then went back to The Well bookstore to hang out some more. From there, we went home. Mommy is at this moment preparing Michaela's birthday dinner which consists of a broccoli salad, crescent lasagna, and CARROT CAKE!!! We then plan on going to a party trying to get you to buy some brand of jewelry. But we don't plan on buying anything. Anyway, that is Michaela's Special Day for you!

P.S. This all actually happened yesterday I'm posting it today.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Return of the Blog

Hello everyone! Long time no post. The Creers are back for the summer. Saturday I had a wonderful birthday by turning 19 and ending CYIA. My mom always makes homemade croissants for my birthday. We both knew that could not happen while at camp. Then, the last day, my birthday, I went to help the cook serve food. She had made homemade croissants for lunch! I was shocked! It was a wonderful birthday present from God. For the first two weeks in June I was on staff at CYIA. It was an old and new experience at the same time. This was my fifth year attending but my first as staff. I saw old friends and learned new lessons. One major highlight is that there were 69 students which is a record and around 70 children came to Christ that last week. God used them in a mighty way. For those of you who are still faithful readers here are some pictures of the experience.

When the director speaks, we listen.
Miss Mary the missionary
Inviting children to 5- day clubs brings you into interesting situations.
A little help, please?
You want me to eat that!

Saying the pledge.
Ruth Matlack and the director's son Landon Myers. Didn't he say something about not spoiling his son?(whoops)
The official staff table which is usually full of sticky notes.
There is nothing so satisfactory as a sticker.
Chelsey Horkman, our camp missionary to Burkina Faso, explains a game.

Well what are you waiting for, that's all folks.