Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tutor Trivia

Over the past three semesters in college, I have had a very interesting variety of tutors. Each one has a particular personality about them that makes them unique. Here are some examples.

My first tutor had a grade book that averaged out my grade that he sent me each week. He also highlighted a particular character quality to ponder on and a story to teach a lesson. He must have had time on his hands to think things out.

My second tutor was a lady who had a major part in writing the course I was taking. That made me nervous. She also sent specific instructions to override the original course instructions. Once I asked a question about the insights from a word study and she sent me back a five page answer! It took me two days to get up the courage to read it. However, it actually helped me a more than I thought.

My current tutor likes details as well. He asked me to send him a biography telling him my background. One of the questions was: what does your house look like? He also sent me a picture of his house. I decided not to send a picture because His looks a lot better!

Another current tutor that I have, I don't know well at all. He sent me a biography of himself. My dad now refers to him as " the one word tutor." I sent him my biography and got an email that said one word: thanks. I am actually glad He isn't very detailed because my other tutors sure are!

Often, my tutors make me chuckle which keeps school fun. They each have their strengths and they help polish my character. Now I wonder what they think of me when they get my emails...