Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kentucky Visit

I can sum up my summer in one word, hot. But since that would be kind of a short post, I'll show you some pictures of our vacation in Kentucky.

Dinosaurs! (not real ones) were a main interest at the Museum. Goofing off with our friends the McDaniels.
A white peacock located in the zoo area of the Museum.
Family picture in the gardens of the Creation Museum.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Full to Overflowing

Before we get to the vacation post, I thought it would be good to tell you about a big event in my summer: Camp Good News. First of all the director told me I would have four girls. The first day we counselors sat around in the foyer waiting for our girls. By the time of the first assembly, I only had three girls. It rather puzzled me. Mrs. Regier, the director's wife, told me the girl didn't show up and they didn't know why. I was a little disappointed. However, my three girls kept me busy enough. The, that same night, Mrs. Regier told me there was a girl on the waiting list who would be joining my group around midnight. I was so excited to meet her and she was just as excited to be at camp! That was my first highlight. I'll give you just a few more.
One morning, one of my girls turns to me thoughtfully and asks, "Miss Michaela, does your brain ever turn off?" After a quick counsel with Miss Mandy, we decided that your brain stays on 24/7(later in the week though, I wondered)
Every year, we have a talent night on Wednesday. I taught my girls a song and they loved it so much, they wanted to practice it every spare moment. We had so much fun!
On Thursday night, we have a special service to allow children to consecrate their lives to the Lord. Last year, I was so discouraged because so few children decided to do it. This year when they gave the invitation, at least thirty children from 2nd graders to 8th graders responded! I talked to one of my girls and asked her why she walked up. She said, "I have been doing things my way but now I want God to have His way." She was so confident and sincere. God was really working that night!
On the last day, I made a card for each of my girls, encouraging them to continue walking with the Lord. When they received them, I was so blessed to see the smiles on their faces. One girl said, it was the best gift she'd ever received.
It was a great week, so here are some pictures.

Tether ball is the national camp sport.
One of the five staff named Mr. Josh, waiting for lunch with his group.
The 3rd graders last day of Bible Lesson got a little crazy.
We all dressed up for Consecration night.
We made thank you notes on Friday.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

We're Back

We left for vacation on July 28 and returned on August 3. We hit the ground running when we returned. When things settle down a bit you will be seeing pictures and updates.