Monday, January 6, 2014


Many of you know that my oldest Michaela is going on a mission trip to Chiapas Mexico. She contacted many of you for support. We are happy to announce that she has received all that she needs. In fact Global Encounters informed her today that she has enough for her expenses as well as her flight and possibly some discretionary money. Michaela has so much that we are wanting those of you who are still considering supporting her financially to know that she has all that she needs. Any extra now that she raises will go to support the general expenses of the trip. This would benefit her indirectly in that it would benefit all who are going on the mission trip. Please consider this as you seek God's leading. Having said this I will also state that none of you are "off the hook". We are expecting all of you to pray for her as prepares and goes to disciple the nations. I attached a prayer card you  can print off and put in a prominent place to remind you to pray. Thank you.

More Normalness

We got about 3-4 inches of snow according to the Creer gauge last Saturday night. Sunday morning I went out and shoveled snow for an hour before leaving for Church. I experienced a slight back spasm mid way through but as I continued shoveling it went away. I finished strong and we drove away to church with a clear driveway. Some of you may be wondering "Why didn't you use your snowblower?" Well I am glad you asked that question. Our snowblower (Joshua) was still asleep and I wanted to see if my energy was really close to normal. Well the verdict is that it all went about the same way as before my bone marrow transplant (BMT) including the back spasm. I don't even feel sore today after the little workout. I still would appreciate your prayers as I am now in the post BMT/remission stage. I am taking ant-viral pills through March. I am taking a weekly IV treatment for the next 2 years that helps in preventing the cancer from returning. I am taking calcium to replenish what the cancer removed from my bones. I also am supposed to take a daily pill for the rest of my life that is a mild dose of chemotherapy which is also for the purpose of preventing the cancer from recurring. I have learned through this adventure that with all the advances in the medical field it is still not an exact science. I hear a lot of "usually", "most of the time" and even "hopefully". Through all of this uncertainty I am anchored by the knowledge that God is in control, nothing caught Him by surprise and He has provided me with His promises on which to rely. I still need your  prayers as we rejoice in passing into the maintenance phase. Thank you.