Friday, December 31, 2010

My Summer

When the summer ended I hit the ground running and haven't had much of a breath since until now. I started the summer with the usual list of honey-dos
and cookouts
We maintained one of our passions in keeping a vegetable garden.

Something new this year was the addition of strawberries. I attempted to clip all the blooms this year in order to improve the plants vitality and help future harvests. I missed a couple and Grace ate our entire 2010 strawberry crop.

Another regular occurrence is the absence of Michaela and Joshua in the home as they head off to Child Evangelism Fellowship's summer training, CYIA. Michaela was chosen as a staff person this year.

Later on we had to be without all three children as Grace attended Camp Good News while Joshua and Michaela served as counselors.

The rest of the summer seemed like one long road trip. We started by heading east towards Indianapolis to go to our home schooling conference (ATI). We always stop at my first cousin's house in St. Louis when traveling east and get some great
southern hospitality. He is originally from Arkansas.

After that we stopped at the Mark and Wendy Correll family in Brownstown, IN and had a great time visiting and exploring their property in rural Indiana. They have 7 children: Stephen (19), Benjamin (17), Kevin (15), Maria (14), Nathan (?), Christina (?) and Marcus (?) in chronological order.

The conference was especially revitalizing as it helped us (actually Velda) to refuel for another year of home schooling. We also got to hook up with friends from previous conferences like the Greg Xiques family from Florida. Greg is also a public school teacher who home schools.
Michaela and Joshua served the youth at the conference as, respectively, a Children's Institute instructor and ALERT Cadet Challenge Squad Leader

The summer was finished off with a trip to see the Scott McDaniel family who had just moved from Salina a few months earlier. We had a great time being with them for a few days.

It was topped off with a trip to the Creation Museum where we saw some eye-popping sights!

The grounds were a treat as well.

All of this travel was in a wonderful Honda Odyssey lent to us by the Roger Hederstedt family because our van's A/C was not working. As comfortable as it was there was still an occasional need to stretch :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ah, Christmas!

Hello everyone! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We are enjoying a relaxing time together this season with no big plans just rest and enjoyment of God's presence with us. What a wonder to think of our most holy God coming here to be with us. It humbles me to know that he loves me and you so much that he would do such a thing for us. It has been my hope and focus to embrace Gods' presence as much as possible in the quiet of the morning and in the choosing of activities and how my time is spent during this Christmas season. I hope that the gift of God's presence fills each one of you with His love and His peace this coming year.

These are a few of my favorite things...

I love preparing for Christmas, but this year, I did not start preparing my heart until the week before. On December 18th all of a sudden, it dawned on me that Christmas was in one week. Here are some things that we did in that week that helped me prepare. First, we went and caroled with the (Mark) Kroekers and the Beckmans. We were very zealous carolers and sang our favorite Christmas songs in the car. One elderly bachelor said, "your singing and this pumpkin bread is Christmas to me." His gratefulness blessed me as well. Then, we went caroling again on the 21st with our home school choir.At one nursing home a lady began singing along. I love caroling and would love to do it all year round.

Now for the really different activity. Mrs. (Lyle) Kroeker invited my mom and I to go to a Christmas service at her home church. It's a little Swedish church in New Gottland. However, the catch was it started at 6 am on Christmas morning! Although it was early my curiosity got the better of me. We had to leave at 5:15 am because the church was a half hour away. When we arrived, I was amazed how chipper people could be in the morning. I personally, didn't talk much. We sang hymns, heard the Christmas story and a short sermon on the name Immanuel. Then, the choir sang an old Swedish carol in Swedish. I enjoyed listening to them. Now, most of you know that I don't get up that early without some compensation. After the service, we had breakfast in the fellowship hall. I had four different kinds of cinnamon rolls and some delicious minty hot chocolate. Because of our visit, we are now declared half swede. The service helped me start Christmas with the proper attitude.

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Creer's Christmas

Hey everyone!! We have not blogged in a long time! So, Michaela decided that I should post. Anyway, for Christmas I got a new game called Buzz Word, a journal, a book, and(get this) a 100$ gift-card for JCPenney!!!!!! That was from my grandparents. From my friend Katy I got a candle. To my mother I gave a poem in a frame called Dedication. I gave Daddy a teapot!! Just kidding that was the decoy, attached to it was a verse which was the clue to his present. which was a another poem taped to the wall of his closet. After that my family took naps while I read. After that, our friends the (Mark) Kroekers invited us over for games and desserts. All in all, I had a fantastic Christmas, and I hope to blog regularly.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kentucky Visit

I can sum up my summer in one word, hot. But since that would be kind of a short post, I'll show you some pictures of our vacation in Kentucky.

Dinosaurs! (not real ones) were a main interest at the Museum. Goofing off with our friends the McDaniels.
A white peacock located in the zoo area of the Museum.
Family picture in the gardens of the Creation Museum.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Full to Overflowing

Before we get to the vacation post, I thought it would be good to tell you about a big event in my summer: Camp Good News. First of all the director told me I would have four girls. The first day we counselors sat around in the foyer waiting for our girls. By the time of the first assembly, I only had three girls. It rather puzzled me. Mrs. Regier, the director's wife, told me the girl didn't show up and they didn't know why. I was a little disappointed. However, my three girls kept me busy enough. The, that same night, Mrs. Regier told me there was a girl on the waiting list who would be joining my group around midnight. I was so excited to meet her and she was just as excited to be at camp! That was my first highlight. I'll give you just a few more.
One morning, one of my girls turns to me thoughtfully and asks, "Miss Michaela, does your brain ever turn off?" After a quick counsel with Miss Mandy, we decided that your brain stays on 24/7(later in the week though, I wondered)
Every year, we have a talent night on Wednesday. I taught my girls a song and they loved it so much, they wanted to practice it every spare moment. We had so much fun!
On Thursday night, we have a special service to allow children to consecrate their lives to the Lord. Last year, I was so discouraged because so few children decided to do it. This year when they gave the invitation, at least thirty children from 2nd graders to 8th graders responded! I talked to one of my girls and asked her why she walked up. She said, "I have been doing things my way but now I want God to have His way." She was so confident and sincere. God was really working that night!
On the last day, I made a card for each of my girls, encouraging them to continue walking with the Lord. When they received them, I was so blessed to see the smiles on their faces. One girl said, it was the best gift she'd ever received.
It was a great week, so here are some pictures.

Tether ball is the national camp sport.
One of the five staff named Mr. Josh, waiting for lunch with his group.
The 3rd graders last day of Bible Lesson got a little crazy.
We all dressed up for Consecration night.
We made thank you notes on Friday.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

We're Back

We left for vacation on July 28 and returned on August 3. We hit the ground running when we returned. When things settle down a bit you will be seeing pictures and updates.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Our corn was tassling and I was praying that God would send his pollinators so that we will have a good crop. They arrived on Monday. Can you see the bright yellow pollen that she has collected?

Home Alone (almost)

Here is Michaela and Joshua packing to go to Camp Good News as counselors last Sunday. Grace and our friend and fellow counselor Hannah Fahrenthold are assisting. Hannah drove.

Here is Grace leaving for Camp Good News on Monday. She was driven by Lindi Fahrenthold Hannah's mother and also a good friend. Jessica Fahrenthold was a fellow traveler/camper.

So Velda and I have the house to ourselves until Friday when they return. We will be spending some of the time planning the next school year. Otherwise I will prepare for my school year, Velda will can, we will garden and will just spend some quality time together.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Evening in Summer

The sun has faded,
The sky is still blue-
all noises have been stilled,
everything is draped in the sun's golden hues
I close my eyes and take it all in,
This is summer!

P.S. this is my second poem about a time and a season,
my first one was Dawn in the Winter
also on our blog.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Working Backwards

As I mentioned before, there are many things for our family that are quite habitual. One of my least favorite is giving away kittens. Our cat had four adorable little kittens this April. I found them a week after birth in our neighbors window well. You would think that at such an early exposure to people we would be able to carry them over our shoulders by their tails. Instead, they cower in fear when I approach and run when kids want to play with them. Nevertheless, we have to give them away or else they will multiply quite rapidly. Our friends the Fahrentholds brought six of their kittens to our house in a cage to give away. They were not quite as cute as ours but we put out the "Free Kitttens"sign for them. All their kittens were gone by nightfall. The next day I put two of ours in a cage with the hopes of giving them away. They started yowling and running crazily around. I ignored them, figuring they would get over it. Three hours later I return from baby sitting to find them still meowing and walking around. Why couldn't they just curl up and go to sleep like the Fahrenthold's kittens? I let them go. It is so exciting when a lady comes and takes two of them! Then a couple comes by and takes another one after I get my hand all clawed up by the terrified kitten. After a good day's work, I sit down to a good supper. Then, the door bell rings. The couple have decided to return the kitten and she's all wrapped in a blanket. Was the blanket to keep the kitten warm or their hands safe? Very suspicious. Yesterday, the ominous bell rings again to show a lady holding another kitten. This one had cried all weekend so she was returning it. In conclusion, after a lot of hard work, we now have three out of four kittens back. This is infuriating! Anyway, does anyone want a kitten?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Life's Little Pleasures

This is a picture of a mission accomplished. You fathers know the feeling I'm talking about. Our old clothesline pole eventually gave out. This is a crisis in our family. Day one of the mission was removing the pole, cement and rocks from the previous clothesline. Then I had to make the new hole fit the specifications of the replacement. With Joshua's help, I had to add dirt and rocks while using a metal screen to get the right shape and size for the hole. After filling the hole with rocks and cement, I put in the plastic sleeve and leveled it. The next day after the cement cured, the new clothesline was erected.
On the same day I fixed 3 flats on 2 bikes. Life is good.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Movie Review

This past week I splurged and went to the movie theater. Last time I went to a movie was probably about a year ago. I chose for my movie the Karate Kid (although in the movie its actually Kung Fu, oh well). As far as the actual movie goes it was not worse, but not really better than the old one. Actually, I enjoyed the old one, so I enjoyed this one too.

No Rest for the Weary

Becasue of inclmate weather and a lack of initiative the weeds got the better of us. Weeds like sin need constant attention or it can get out of control. On top of that, my main weeding implement was broken. I had to clear out most of the weeds with a hoe. A hoe is a very effective tool for weeding. My low-wheel plow is better. A tiller is even better for large areas and you don't have too many plants in the way. My plow can handle my garden and is gentle on the plants, environment and my ears. It is interesting that a well kept garden has a lot of brown as a color. The picture mostly green (to the right) is pre-weeding. The one with the most brown (below) is post-weeding.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Closet Cleaning

Today, Michaela and I cleaned out our closet, Mommy helped us as well.We found some interesting things there. Michaela found an old scrapbook, full to the brim with letters. Mommy found baby calendars and cards. And I also found an old scrapbook embarrassingly sloppy, I was young when I made it. It mainly contained get well notes from when I broke my arm three years ago. Wow! It's already been that long since I broke it! We found more baby stuff. Most of it we are planning to give away. Because of that I was able to put my stuffed animal collection, which was formerly on the floor, at which was a great degradation, in the closet on a shelf. I myself am contented with our work but Michaela now wishes to go through our entire book collection!!!! An enormous job. But I'm sure we can get it done eventually.


It's the most wonderful time of the year

Now that I'm back from CYIA, it is time to enjoy my favorite season of the year: summer! There are several reason I love summer. First of all, it is a wonderful break from school.
Second, we get to garden as a family. Being out in the garden watering, weeding, sweating and picking is a satisfying experience. That tomato soup, sweet potato pie, and fresh corn on the cob tastes different when it's yours. As I instructed my younger sister,"Everything tastes better when you've sweated for it." She was doubtful.
Last but not least are the fun trips we go on as a family. We don't go places every year but they are always memorable. They can include driving over three states, riding in helicoptors(don't ask), visiting family and going to conferences.

Summer here we come!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I hope all you father's had a nice celebration with your families. We had a nice relaxing day of worship, fellowship, and good food for all here at the home front. We also had a nice time visiting with extended family by phone. I know my post is a little behind the others, but watch out the Creers are back! These pictures are just a sample of some of the good food Eddie enjoyed yesterday as well as his Fathers' Day gift of a new straw hat to wear in the garden.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Civil War Trivia

Recently I've been reading about the Civil War. So I decided to share some random facts. One of Robert E. Lee's nicknames was 'King of Spades' because he favored digging entrenchment. The author of Ben-Hur, Lew Wallace, was a Union General. Stonewall Jackson was known to suck on lemons. It's late so I can't think of any more, so I will leave you these facts to ponder.

While They Were Away

I'm just going to share a few highlight of the life of the Creers while Michaela and Joshua were away at CYIA. We are veterans of this experience because this is the fourth year we have been without the two of them.
The week before they left Joshua was not able to get into the garden to weed because of the rains. This continued the first week of CYIA so I wasn't able to get into the garden until the weeds were about knee high on average.

I also put a ceiling fan into the our school room al0ng with an A/C window unit both given to us by the McDaniels as a result of their moving to Kentucky. Now we can call our school room the "cool" room.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Michaela's Special Day or The Girls Only Excursion

Michaela and I both stood on the ladder at The Well bookstore.
Super Silly Agents! (actually we were just trying on sunglasses at a store called Guys&Gals.)

Today,we are celebrating Michaela's birthday even though the actual date was on Saturday. Our family left her a few days of rest&relaxation before we celebrated. We started out on our Girls Only Excursion right after breakfast!(That was the plan but we actually started out after Family Devotions.) We then drove to a thrift store in Lindsborg to drop off some items then we headed for Downtown McPherson. The first stop of our excursion was a christian bookstore called The Well. It was really neat there was a little coffee shop, games, and even one of those sliding ladders that you use to reach high shelves. We stayed there for a while, and Michaela made two purchases a book called Amazing Grace on which the movie is based and a card for our Aunt. We then paraded down the right side of the street looking at stores that caught our fancy. We then stopped and went down the other side of the street. We stopped at the Main Street Deli for lunch we came staggering out.(not!) We then went back to The Well bookstore to hang out some more. From there, we went home. Mommy is at this moment preparing Michaela's birthday dinner which consists of a broccoli salad, crescent lasagna, and CARROT CAKE!!! We then plan on going to a party trying to get you to buy some brand of jewelry. But we don't plan on buying anything. Anyway, that is Michaela's Special Day for you!

P.S. This all actually happened yesterday I'm posting it today.