Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Good News with Lessons

I had my 60 day checkup today and all looks good. I was told that the indicators seem to be pinting to the possibility that the cancer isn't active. The lesson I'm learning is patience. Erring on the side of caution, the doctor decided that I can't go back to school until the first week of December. Velda had to remind me that all the news we received today was good even if all my expectations were met. Let's face it, I am still alive and the cancer seems inactive. We rejoice in the news and rejoice that the journey is not over. More good news is that I can take over the counter drugs to stave off the excess amount of gastro-intestinal fumes I (and my family) have been experiencing. It has quite uncomfortable for me in public at times and quite unbearable for them at home at times. Now that I am clear to take some drugs to remedy the problem, I suggest you buy some stock in GasX because it is going to experience an increase in sales. My mustache and eyebrows are also making a nice comeback. The fuzz on top of my head is coming along but it is not worth a picture yet. You will just have to settle for a thousand words. I can go just about anywhere and do anything except go to school. So you may see me (some already have) around town riding the bike or walking to get exercise as I run errands. You might also pray for Joshua because while he is home he gets all the jobs Velda asks me to do. Thank God for his servant attitude and work ethic. I am also looking forward to 100% energy (about 75% at present) so that I can do more around the house while I have the time. Again, thank God for the good report and the lesson on patience. And thank you for praying.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Another Step Forward

On September 23rd the doctor gave me limited freedom to move about the country. I no longer wear a mask in public and can shake hands and hug as long as the person in not sick. It was just in time because we had planned to see Joshua graduate from International ALERT Academy on Thursday the 26th. He finishes tomorrow by going to Hutchison to take a test that will certify him nationally as a firefighter/EMT. Next on his agenda is getting a job. Anyway, we left on Wednesday the 25th and didn't return until late Wednesday night October 2nd. It was just what we needed. We stayed about 30 minutes from the campus at Holly Lake Ranch. Some friends of Velda allowed us to stay in there lodge on the lake. We ignored all alarms. There was fishing (Grace and Michaela were successful), canoeing, paddle boats, biking and hiking. We also read books and watched DVD's. Since then I have noticed enough energy to go bike riding myself. I have ridden around town a couple of times with Velda. I'm not full strength but moving in the right direction. Next checkup in a couple of weeks. We are hoping the doctor says that I can return to teaching.

Thanks for praying.