Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Big Zero

Sunday morning I woke up to see my dad looking at me with concern. Then he said, "who are you"? I was so sleepy, I just kind of stared. Not the words you expect your father to greet you with. "I had a 19 year old daughter last night, but I don't know who you are". My dad was up to his old tricks again. Ever since we were little on our birthdays, he pretends that we are different people. What a great way to start my big day of turning 20.
I had just returned from CYIA so my mom told me we could have a relaxed day. In the evening, we had popcorn, pretzels, and sun tea. Mmmm! Then the door bell rang. There stood the Kroeker family. They sang to me and gave me KitKat chocolates.
After dinner Kelsey said she had another present for me. It was a surprise so I had to close my eyes while she went to the van. I love surprises, but I wasn't prepared for this. She placed something warm on my lap. Scroll down to see what they gave me. It was perfect! I love birthdays.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Matthew 5:16

Recently I was at a school training session at Schilling Elementary from 8AM -3:30PM. Velda made my lunch so when everyone else left for lunch I sat on a bench in the playground to eat. While there, a woman with eight children came to play and some of them were on bikes. Some of the bikes were in bad condition. I walked over and introduced myself and asked if I could work on some of the bikes and have fixed one since then and have 2 more to go. It turns out she runs a daycare in her home. I credit Bruce Whitely for planting the seeds of this idea in me. For years he has fixed bicycles for children in his neighborhood. He goes so far as to drive around town to find bicycles to fix that he can give away. He has fixed our bicycles when needed and gave Velda a bike when hers bit the dust. As I deliver the last bike, I hope to share that this is not natural behavior for me but a result of God in my life.