Saturday, February 13, 2010

This morning I was thinking on many things. The day ahead, my dreams in the night, and what on earth to wear today. But the thing that moved me to post was my last thought before getting ready for the day. Because my father is a music teacher I have been exposed to a wide variety of songs throughout my life. The one that stuck in my mind this morning is one of my favorites. It's a fun spiritual but more than that the chorus has a powerful message:

Who will be a witness for my Lord?
I will be a witness for my Lord.

I always thought of witness as something you do. People will witness to their neighbors, family, friends etc. In my recent readings for my Perspectives course I found this quote by Steven C. Hawthorne: "A witness is what you are far more than it is something you do. God arranges for His servants to display what they declare. By public testimony in the face of hostility, ordinary people accomplish far more than merely affirming the truth of Christ." Now I have another verse to add to the line:

How will I be a witness for my Lord?